Friends Pharma


Plant Capacity

(Based on single shift of 8 hours)

Tablets 400 Million per annum
Capsules 36 Million per annum
Dry Powder Suspension 2 Million packs per annum
Ointment / Creams 3 Million tubes per annum

Plant Details

Land 26 Kanals
Legal Status - Approved by Ministry of Health Islamabad, Goverenment of Pakistan
- Approved by Local Ministry of Health Lahore
- Approved by the Local Authorities i.e. Union Council
- Construction tax has also been paid for 40,000 sq ft.
Construction Allowed 39999 sq. ft.
Area Covered Up Till Now 28000 sq. ft.
  Friends Pharma is equiped with the most modern machinery, operated by highly skilled and professional people to have quality products.
Production Sections - General Tablets Section
- General Capsule Section
- Antibiotic Tablets Section
- Antibiotic Capsule Section
- Dry Syrup Section
- Liquid Syrup Section
- Dry Injectable Section
- Liquid Injectable Section
- Eye Drops Section
- Ointments and Cream Section

Quality Control Section

- Sample Keeping Section
- Instrument Section
- R & D Section
- Mircobiology & C/S Section
- Analytical Section

Quality Vision: By Q.C. we mean quality conciousness. Our Quality department is keen and non compromising about quality of our products. For this reason all aspects and modern facilities e.g. HPLC, FTIR, UV/Vis. Spectrophotometer etc. related to control and finally to assure the quality of the products are provided. This includes analytical methods validation as well as process validation.