Friends Pharma


Friends Pharma (Pvt.) Ltd is a rich profile company engaged in the manufacturing & Marketing of quality medicines at its own pharmaceutical unit which has been ranked among the top 25 National units regarding Quality Control monitoring facilities and cGMP standards.

The Sales network of the company is spread all over the country particularly in all the major cities of Pakistan. Friends Pharma is providing employment facilities to 156 families of Pakistan.

A most modern and centralized heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system has been installed to provide good quality filtered air and to maintain the required temperature and humidity conditions in each room. The system consists of independent supply and return air ducts connected to the HVAC system. The filtered air through the AHUs passes into the supply ducts through grill diffusers and volume control dampers (VCDs) into each room.The air enters and leaves each room at different velocity (CFM) depending upon the pressure requirement of each room. A powerful chiller system provides centralized air-conditioning with appropriate room temperature and humidity conditions.

Friends Pharma has focused on acquiring the latest technology, retaining skilled manpower, and ensuring that our products meet the highest levels of quality through hard work, dedication and ongoing product R&D. Our Pharmaceutical products are widely accepted within the country and are also in the process of being exported to a number of countries in Asia & Africa (Sudan, Uganda, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Myanmar & Philippines).

Raw Materials sourced from globally renowned manufacturers, are subjected to a demanding schedule of various testing procedures to produce quality products at the manufacturing facility approved through regular inspection by local regulatory authorities.

Friends Pharma can assist in product selection and providing technical dossier for local registration with the drug authorities. Our state of the art designing facilities can develop suitable variety of packaging material. We shall be pleased to support the marketing plan and provide Certificate of Free Sale and other documents that may be required to facilitate import by you.

Friends Pharma is in a strong position to provide cost effective yet high quality products conforming to International standards based on its modern plant and equipment, professional and Qualified/Technical staff & continuous research and development efforts.